I Can't Get In To Some Locations - Says I Don't Have The Assets

If you're seeing this message, it means that on first install - or on an update  - the game did not download all of the assets that were needed.  It should be easily fixed if you try again. Here is how...

1. Exit the game completely, and stop it from running

2. Start the game again - it should automatically try and download the missing assets

If this doesn't fix the problem, then do the following:

3. Check that your device has the correct time and date

4. Connect to a strong wi-fi signal

5. In the game, tap on the 'Settings' icon (like a small gear, lower left hand side)

6. Tap the button that says "Download Assets"

This may take a few minutes but the game will try and get all of the missing data now.  If it fails, you need to connect to a stronger internet connection.

Please contact us here if you still need help! We'll do our best to get you going again!