How To Get More Energy

Hello Kitty uses energy with every activity.  

TIP: If you collect your rewards faster, your energy will replenish faster!

If your energy runs out, you can wait a short while and your energy will gradually replenish! 

If you can't wait, then you can:

  • watch a video - this gets you energy
  • spend some of the Diamonds you have been earning to get more energy!  If you don't have enough Diamonds, then you have the option of buying some more of those too!

TIP: Try leveling up an skill attribute - for example, your Chef skills - when you attain a new level, you get a purple energy bonus, which is a full energy refresh!

TIP: On the city map, try tapping on the sun, the butterfly or the ladybird!

TIP: If you have a lot of coins, try going to the General Store (where you'll find Purin!) and buying some items that give you bonuses - these might help you complete a skill and so replenish your energy level.