Game Goals & How To Play

Hello Kitty: World of Friends is a fun adventure, in which you help Hello Kitty complete quests and activities with her friends.  The overall goal is to collect as many pictures of Hello Kitty's friends in different locations around the World as possible!

How To Play

When you see a character talking to you, tap on that speech bubble after you have read it.  The story will continue.  

  • Pay attention to what Hello Kitty's friends and family are saying - these are clues and they setup quests

  • Most of the gameplay requires you to tap on the screen and to make decisions, such as which outfits to wear and how to balance your resources of energy, coins, diamonds and heart gifts

  • Your goal is to fill Hello Kitty's photo album with pictures of her friends, in different locations around the World.  The locations unlock over time.

  • As you play, you will also develop skills that will increase in levels - for example, the more you help Mama in the kitchen, the higher your Chef skill level will be; the more you play sports activities, the higher your Athlete skill level will be

  • You can also send in-game gifts of hearts to your friends and they can send them to you too.  You do this by "following" them, which allows you to also see their highest skill level and also the outfit their Hello Kitty is currently wearing.


Once you have mastered the basics, multiple storylines will open up - we call each of these a 'quest'

  • You will see the quests on the left-hand side of the screen, represented by an image of a Hello Kitty friend associated with that quest -- tap on their face to see the quest details
  • Each quest contains a series of challenges for Hello Kitty to complete, including activities
  • When you successfully complete a quest, you will earn bonuses and increase your skill level


Quests include activities -- much of the gameplay is made up of these.  They're easy to do - you just tap on each one multiple times

  • But activities also use up Hello Kitty's energy, 1 energy for every tap!

  • You start an activity by tapping on the small "GO" rainbow at the bottom of the screen

  • Small activity icons will pop-up - tap on each one to open it, to see what the activity is, then tap it the appropriate number of times to complete each one

  • The rainbow at the bottom of the screen will gradually fill up -, and when it reaches 100, the activity is complete!  Now you'll earn completion bonuses, and sometimes, you'll also increase a skill level

  • Completion bonuses include energy boosts, diamonds, coins and experience points for a skill


Energy is one of the resources you have to manage.  Hello Kitty's energy level can be seen in the top right of the screen

  • If your energy runs out, you can wait a short while while and your energy will gradually replenish!   This is a good time to work on Hello Kitty's style, and try on some different outfits and accessories!

  • If you can't wait, then tap "OK" to get more - now you can spend some of the Diamonds you have been earning to get more energy!

  • If you don't have enough Diamonds, then you have the option of buying some more of those too! 

Managing Resources

In addition to energy, you get to manage your supply of coins, diamonds and hearts

  • You use your resources to achieve your goals in the game.  
    • For example, you can spend some of your diamonds to top up your energy
    • For example, you can buy new outfits and accessories for Hello Kitty using diamonds, coins or hearts
  • If you are connected online, you can also buy additional resources to top-up the ones you have earned through play

  • Hearts are a rare resource, and are used to buy rare items.  Hearts can only be obtained from friends that you follow.  You can send gifts of hearts to your friends once each day, but you can collect their gifts to you as soon as you receive them