World of Friends is taking a vacation!

We have had a fun year together and now it's time for Hello Kitty World of Friends to take a short vacation.  We hope to be back in a few months with some big game improvements and even more exciting adventures for Hello Kitty and her fabulous friends.

You can continue to play Hello Kitty World of Friends until October 31st 2016, so please take this time to complete as many quests as you can and use all of your game currency!  From November 1st, the game will no longer update and there will be no support until the new version is ready.  

If you would like us to notify you when the new version is ready, please give us your details here.  We won't use your email address for any other purpose than letting you know when the new app is available.

Thank you to all of the loyal Hello Kitty World of Friends fans that have played, shared and sent us some brilliant suggestions for new features. We're excited to get together again with you soon for the next step on our adventure!

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