How Can I Stop My Child Making A Purchase?

Sorry to hear you're having that problem!  It's easy to setup a password on your app store or device to block unwanted purchases: here is how:


1. On your Android device go to the Google Play app store

2. From the menu choose Settings

3. Tap 'Require authentication for purchases'

    Choose the option to always use a password for Google Play purchases on this device

Full details are provided by Google here: 


1. On your Apple device go to the Settings

2. Choose General

3. Tap Restrictions

4. Turn ON (if not already on).  This allows you to restrict downloads or even use of any of these apps

5. Scroll down to In-App Purchases.  If you turn this OFF, you will not be able to make any in-app purchases on the device.  If you want to allow SOME but not all, scroll down to Password Settings, and tap on Always Require.  This means that every in-app purchase will require the password to be entered, or the purchase will be blocked

Full details are provided by Apple here: 

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