Help! I can’t add my comment!

Having a problem posting your comment for a Competition or on the “Need More Friends?” page? Try these steps…

·         Scroll to the bottom of the post. There you will see a few lines of English text.  Below these lines of text is the area to type your comment (see image below).  On many browsers it is outlined, on some mobile devices it is not.

·         Click (or tap) inside this comment box/area until you see the text indicator appear

·         Type your comment

·         Once you have typed your comment, click the “POST COMMENT” button

·         You will be asked to add a user name, email (optional and hidden from public view), website (optional and hidden from public view), and once you have completed this information you should then click the “POST COMMENT” button

·         Your comment WILL NOT APPEAR IMMEDIATELY – don’t worry, all comments have to be approved by our customer support team before they are displayed.  This is usually quite fast.

Please remember that any comments containing sensitive personal information, such as your email address or phone number, or anything we deem to be offensive, will not be approved.

Competitions and the “Need More Friends” page are the only pages that allow comments on the Assorted Nuts Games website.