Adding Your Friends

You can follow the progress of lots of your friends, and see how stylish and cool their Hello Kitty is looking today!

Plus you can send and receive gifts of HEARTS - this is the only place to get them!

Here is how you FOLLOW a friend:

  1. Make sure each friend has the Hello Kitty: World of Friends app installed on their device
  2. Ask each friend to give you their "friend code"
  3. Tap on the heart at the top right of the game screen
  4. Tap "Add Friend"
  5. Type in your friend's code (or paste it if they sent it 
  6. Send gifts to your friends and collect ones they send to you!

How to SHARE your friend code:

Here is how you can share your unique friend code with another player:

  • Tap on the heart at the top right of the game screen
  • Notice at the bottom of the screen, "My friend code" followed by some letters and numbers
  • Tap the green "Copy" button next to "My friend code" - this copies your code to your clipboard
  • Now exit Hello Kitty, open your messaging app or email, and send this code to your friends!
  • They can add you into their game by following steps 1 - 6 above!

Sending GIFTS

Every day you can send GIFTS of HEARTS to your friends!  This allows them to get super cute and rare items in the game.  The only way you can get hearts is by receiving them from your friends! 

  • To send hearts, tap "SEND GIFTS"
  • To collect hearts your friends have sent to you, tap "Collect Gifts"!  It is that easy!